Why a Human Resource Department is Critical to a Company’s Success

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The importance of having a human resource department to ensure a company’s success should never be underestimated. On the surface, it’s easy to see how HR personnel are responsible for processing payroll and handling yearly benefits open enrollment.

However, if you look a little deeper, you will see how an HR department plays an integral role in handling more than meets the eye in order to make an organization as strong and efficient as possible.

5 Reasons Why HR Departments Are So Important


Employee Development and Conflict Resolution

HR professionals are not only responsible for training and developing new and experienced employees, they are also expected to help develop and coach supervisors so they can perform well and increase productivity from their subordinates. Great managerial talent is hard to come by, but is crucial for the success of a company. Without good management, companies are doomed to fail.

HR can bridge that gap by offering continual training and development for all employees. They also proactively prevent or resolve differences between employees which would otherwise negatively affect employee performance and morale.

Continuous Workplace Assessments

With diverse personalities and different levels of experience, it’s common for companies to run the risk of creating employee dissatisfaction due to poor communication. The HR department also plays a critical role in obtaining feedback from the very people who make the company successful; lower-level workers!

With this information, they can take suggestions into consideration and concentrate on making adjustments by analyzing problems and implementing changes in policies and by offering specific training. Oftentimes, disgruntled employees will complain that management is not listening to any of their concerns. HR can intervene and facilitate a way to resolve these issues by methodically asking for employee feedback, thus preserving a positive working environment to benefit the company.

Employee Selection and Retention

The HR department is in charge of hiring new workers and providing adequate training. With a keen eye for picking the best job candidates, HR staff members can also save companies tons of money by lowering the turnover rate and maintaining employee satisfaction. They are also very skilled at minimizing advertising costs to hire new help.

Employee Performance Monitoring

Using performance management systems, HR conducts employee evaluations on a regular basis. With this data, they can hone in on employees’ strengths and weaknesses and help them become more efficient and productive. Additionally, they can facilitate career advancement opportunities within a company for qualified candidates.

A Support System for All Employees

Aside from ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, HR staffers are entrusted to advise workers regarding changes in policies and procedures as well as changes in labor law. They handle workers’ compensation cases and are adept at providing accurate information in order to facilitate claims.

Additionally, they provide information to help employees improve their present working conditions and look to a bright future through investment planning advice and many other incentives.

All in all, an HR department can mean the difference between success and ultimate failure for an organization due to its vital involvement in protecting a company’s best interest, its key role in maintaining a healthy and positive work environment, and its ability to help a company grow and prosper through employee selection and cost-cutting expertise.



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