The Benefits of Using Online Calendars and Planners

online calendars on mobile devices

Are you a business executive still using a paper calendar or appointment book? If yes, then you are missing out on the numerous benefits that come with online calendars and planners such as the Google calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and eplanner just to mention a few. They give you the opportunity to manage information and share it with department heads and other members of the senior management without the hassle involved with paper. You can also automate simple and high-end business operations.

So what other benefits are you missing out on by sticking to paper? Here are some of them.


Why Businesses Prefer Web Based Calendars


1. Reminders

As a business professional, you have a lot to do in a limited amount of time. This might cause you to forget some tasks, meetings or appointments you had. Online calendars and planners take care of this. You can create text or email reminders for very important appointments and meetings.

All you have to do is to set the time and date on which you would like to be reminded about a task or event. On the exact time and date, you will receive an audio or visual alert. You will also get the advantage of more automation. For example, if you have appointments and meetings that recur, for example weekly staff meetings, you’ll only need to enter the information once and provide the recurring information. The event will be automatically added on the dates that it recurs, and you can get regular reminders.

2. Schedules

Online planners allow you to schedule appointments or meetings with coworkers conveniently. You can quickly set them up and share the information including the agenda of the meeting with others. You can also change details such as time and share this with the parties concerned. This saves you time and effort you would have spent on making phone calls to your coworkers to set up meetings.

3. Access information anywhere

Online calendars and planners are usually platform-independent. This means that you can access them across multiple devices. Provided you have your sign-in information and password, you can access your online schedule from any computer or handheld device. They also give you the convenience of accessing, reviewing and sending information to your coworkers from anywhere in the world.

4. Projects

At some point in time, your business will have to work on a large project that will require a high level of coordination. As a business executive, an online planner will let you track the project’s status. In case of any changes, delays or deviations from the main goal, you can send the necessary information to all the parties involved.

5. Storage space

Online calendars and planners hardly take up space on a smart phone or tablet. These applications usually have huge data storage capacity. You can therefore save as much information as you wish without having to erase past data.

If you still use a paper calendar or planner, you should definitely consider going digital by using the online versions. This will save you time and space, and enhance the performance and professionalism in your business. You can also print your online calendar and use it like an ordinary paper calendar. You therefore have no excuse not to try using an online calendar and planner.


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